The Lyric Opera House

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Uwe Banton

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Prince Alla

Roddy McDowall      Dial M For Murder

Norfolk, Virginia

The Angels

Principal  Dancer, New York City Ballet

Publicist for National Touring Broadway Shows

King Bravo

The Mahaffey Theater

circa 2009...

St. Petersburg, Florida

The Wells Theatre

Theodore Bikel

RAW #72

Travis Tritt

The Carpenter Theater

The Carpenter Theater

Triston Palma

Ras Pidow

Garrison Keilor

Nasio Fontaine

Lazah Current

Lazo Finn

Marketing & PR Director

Marketing & PR Manager

The Lyric Opera House

Carroll Thompson

Roddy McDowall

Rachid King

Peter Broggs

Lord Tanamo

From the beginning...


Roddy McDowall       Dial M For Murder

Baltimore, Maryland

Jah Levi

The premier performance in the U.S.

The Wells Theatre

Publicist for National Touring Broadway Shows

Dial M for Murder

Winston Grennan

Photo: The Prairie Home Companion

Clients in the entertainment & music industry    

have included but are not limited to...

Stephanie Mills   Your Arms Too Short To Box With God

Friends of Distinction

Ras Midas

The 418 Band

Richmond, Virginia

          Public relations is the professional development, management and maintenance of a favorable public image by a company. EW maintains and promotes the Artist’s image to the Artist’s public – his fans, music reviewers and writers, deejays, and concert goers - in a consistent and professional manner.
          Media relations involves working with media for the purpose of informing the public of an Artist’s concerts and album releases in a positive, consistent, and credible manner. EW coordinates directly with the media - television program producers, entertainment editors and music writers for newspapers and magazines, blog writers, website managers, radio station music directors and deejays - to maximize positive coverage in the media without paying for it directly (as one would do by purchasing advertising).
          Publicity is the deliberate attempt to manage the public's perception of a subject; it is the act of attracting media attention and gaining visibility with the public. The advantages of publicity are low cost and, very importantly, credibility. That the media is presenting news and information about the Artist translates as a third party endorsement: the media selected this certain Artist to publicize, so they must be good!                                                                                                                            A publicist develops and coordinates PR campaigns, and are trained to provide the media with well written, concise, and correctly formatted materials which makes it easier for the media to use those materials - instead of the media having to create their own. A publicist generates and manages publicity for a product, public figure, especially a celebrity, or for a work such as a book, movie, or an album.
          The main function of a publicist is to "persuade" the press to feature their client in the most positive way possible, using the objective opinion of the reporter to tell the story. Publicists are adept at identifying "newsworthy" aspects of products and personalities, and they provide this information to the media in the specific format required by the magazine, newspaper, TV or radio show, or online outlet. Basically, publicists shape "stories" about their clients, present the stories to the media in the proper fashion, and encourage media coverage. 
          A seasoned publicist knows how to present a newsworthy story in a way that suggests and encourages editorial coverage in a certain direction. This is what is generally referred to as "spin," though it is not a negative connotation.
          A successful publicist has the very keen ability to present the right story at the right time – and to do so in a professional manner.

Jerry Seinfeld

Daniel Ulbricht

The Mahaffey Theater

Clinton Fearon

“Put it before them briefly so they will read it, clearly so they will appreciate it,
picturesquely so they will remember it and, above all, accurately so they will be guided by its light.”

- Joseph Pulitzer